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The Mountain Company: Redefining the Ski Experience in Zermatt

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

We are incredibly excited to present our project, The Mountain Company, a fresh addition to the vibrant fabric of Zermatt's ski culture. We are a team of passionate skiers whose journey in the instruction and hospitality industry has been global and diverse. We have nurtured young skiing enthusiasts in the heart of Japan, taught skiing in the Australian Alps and prepared gastronomic events in luxurious chalets in France. This rich tapestry of experiences has built the foundation for our new venture, The Mountain Company, where our vision for redefining the ski experience in Zermatt comes to life.

The Mountain Company instructor helping make the most of the private lesson

Beyond Skiing

Throughout our years in Zermatt, it has become evident that many of those seeking ski lessons also look for more than just technical instruction. They hope for a local guide to answer all questions about this incredible destination. They also seek a knowledgeable companion they can rely on for insightful guidance. Thus, The Mountain Company was born with a vision to extend beyond conventional ski instruction. Our mission is to support our clients not only as ski teachers but as guides to local culture and a vast range of mountain activities. Our services include not only teaching but also turning a trip into an experiential journey around Zermatt. We take care of all parts: from seeing bits of local life to dining in beautiful areas, from having the best transport arrangements to staying in scenic accommodation. We help to choose the right places and activities, make an exciting schedule and lead our clients along an itinerary full of adventure.

Zermatt offers year-round skiing and snowboarding, picturesque hiking, climbing, and many other outdoor sports. There is a variety of restaurants that serve everything from local to global cuisine. At the same time, there are many possibilities for wellness and recreation, as well as activities for children and young adults, such as sledging and adventure parks. We have an extensive knowledge of the town and what it has to offer with our local insights and connections. We will be your guides, instructors, and friends, helping you discover the surrounding mountains and outdoor activities.

Ski guide points at the mountains of Zermatt explaining the surroundings to his clients

A New Skiing Journey

As we embark on this new adventure, we invite you to join us and share our passion for the mountains. You can start your journey with us by sending an enquiry and points of interest, and we will come back to you with possible itineraries for you to choose from. We will assist you from the start until the end of your journey and introduce you to Zermatt village life!

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