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The Ultimate Guide to Skiing in Zermatt: Tips and Tricks for an Unforgettable Experience

Updated: Jan 19

Welcome to Zermatt, home to the Matterhorn Ski Paradise, the highest ski area in the Alps, where Swiss hospitality meets Italian lifestyle. With picturesque pistes, stunning views, and a wide range of activities, Zermatt offers an unforgettable experience for enthusiasts of all levels. This guide highlights the breathtaking skiing experiences in Zermatt and the unparalleled services. Zermatt promises an unforgettable journey from skiing opportunities for all levels to the rich history and vast range of activities.

Zermatt Ski Area

Known as the Matterhorn Ski Paradise, the ski area spans 322 kilometres of slopes, making it one of the largest ski resorts in the Alps. The highest point is at 3899 metres of altitude, while the lowest is at 1620 metres..Encompassing thrilling descents, gentle runs, and challenging off-piste areas, this wintertime playground promises an unforgettable skiing escapade, catering to every skill level. Here are some tips to know.

Slopes are marked by colours that signify the skiing level

Blue means beginner level. However, make sure that you have some skiing experience or there is an instructor with you who can show you exactly how to handle the terrain.

Red signals intermediate and makes up a large percentage of Zermatt's skiable area. Skiers entering the red pistes should be able to control their speed and direction while being almost fully parallel skiers.

Black means advanced. Some of the black slopes in Zermatt are labelled with a sign “for expert skiers”. This sign usually means that the slope is quite icy, and it is better to proceed cautiously.

Yellow is a mark for expert skiers only. Snow machines do not groom in these marked areas. Therefore, it is possible to have fresh snow and bumpy or steep terrain. Ensure you have experience skiing in more difficult snow conditions or have a qualified ski instructor that can show you the way. While challenging, yellow runs are a great way to learn to ski off-piste and better your skills.


Matterhorn Ski Paradise consists of three main ski areas

Sunnegga-Rothorn is arguably the area with the best views of the Matterhorn and the surrounding mountains. This area is wide and good for almost any weather conditions, as it is in the sun for longer than the rest of the mountains in winter. The beautiful Kumme run is situated here - a 5 km long red piste that takes skiers on a scenic journey from the very top of Rothorn to the Patrullarve chair lift. The famous Obere National slope is also situated here: it is a steep black run that is a part of the former World Cup race run. Sunnegga is also perfect for absolute beginners: the main beginner area Wolli Park is located right below the Sunnegga train station and has great views of the Matterhorn. Sunnegga is also the place for foodies, as one can find amazing gastronomy places like Chez Vrony, Paradies, Findlerhof and others.


Gornergrat is worth visiting for skiers of any level. The views of Monte Rosa are spectacular. If you are new to skiing, Gornergrat offers many wide blues to work on your skills. It is also one of the best places for families with small kids that want to enjoy a day out together and stop for a hot chocolate at the Riffelberg lift station. While it is possible to reach Gornergrat by ski lift, it is also possible to take a beautiful 33 min train ride to the top of the area, where one can find the highest hotel in Europe, the 3100 Kulmhotel, as well as the astronomical observatory. The ski area is great for beginners, intermediate skiers, and youngsters.

Schwarzsee-Klein Matterhorn is Zermatt’s largest ski area and is perfect for those looking for the ultimate mountain adventure. The top station, Klein Matterhorn, is the highest cable car station, located at 3,883 m, and has an observation deck and a restaurant. One can see the beautiful Theodul Glacier, which offers all-year-round skiing. When skiing from Zermatt to Cervinia, skiers should go all the way to the top and cross the borders at the Plateau Rosa/Testa Grigia area. From the very top of Klein Matterhorn, it is also possible to ski the longest on-piste descent of the Alps, which is 2200 m long. After skiing at the very top of the Alps, it is also great to visit the slopes of Hirli that offer incredible views of the Matterhorn and eventually lead to superb restaurants at the Furi station.


All these areas are connected by lifts, and with good weather conditions, it is possible to visit all three mountains in one day. We recommend checking the live map before embarking on your adventure, so you know precisely which lifts to take to get to your destination.

The Mountain Company has a wide range of teaching and guiding possibilities for all ages and ability levels. Find out more:

Click the map to see what slopes are open live.

Skiing from Zermatt to Cervinia

The distinctive allure of the Zermatt ski area lies in its transnational charm, offering skiers the opportunity to cross borders from Switzerland to Italy. The high-altitude skiing terrain seamlessly connects with the Italian resort of Breuil-Cervinia, presenting an extraordinary cross-border skiing experience. From Klein Matterhorn station, it is possible to ski all the way to Testa Grigia station and cross the border to Italy. Be aware of the signs, take it slow and enjoy the beautiful sunny slopes in Italy. We also would like to warn you beforehand: make sure you have an international ski pass on your ski day to the Italian side.


Year Round Skiing

One of the most extraordinary aspects of the Zermatt ski area is its year-round appeal. Thanks to its high-altitude glaciers, skiing and snowboarding are not confined to a specific season but can be enjoyed 365 days a year. You can head all the way to Klein Matterhorn station and enjoy the slopes in summer, but check the conditions first for good ski days.

Beyond Skiing: Exploring Zermatt

Beyond its exceptional skiing offerings, Zermatt's village has car-free streets and a quintessentially Swiss charm. The interplay of historic wooden chalets, fine-dining establishments, and boutique shops creates a delightful atmosphere that captivates visitors. In the evening, the village comes alive with a vibrant après-ski scene, allowing skiers to unwind and revel in the day's exhilarating experiences.

In addition to the captivating ski experiences, Zermatt offers a vast array of other activities for visitors of all interests, adding depth and variety to the holiday. The scenic beauty and the town's proximity to the Matterhorn make it an ideal destination.

It's a paradise for foodies and adventure seekers. Foodies are spoiled for choice with various first-class dining options featuring traditional Swiss and modern cuisine experiences. Meanwhile, thrill-seekers can partake in various winter activities, such as tobogganing, ice climbing, or scenic helicopter rides, adding extra excitement to their alpine escape.

Legacy of the Matterhorn

Zermatt owes much of its prosperity to its proximity to the beautiful yet tragic Matterhorn. With its poignant history of climbing triumphs and tragedies, the mountain continues to captivate visitors as a symbol of the area's allure and legacy.

The Matterhorn stands proud at 4478 meters. It can be seen from nearly all angles of the town and ski area, creating a unique and majestic backdrop. This is probably why it's the most photographed mountain in the world.

Unique Experiences with Our Team

Our team is dedicated to your Zermatt experience, removing the stress of navigation and allowing you to enjoy your time with family or loved ones. With personalised guidance and a focus on enhancing your holiday, we ensure a memorable and stress-free visit.

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